Glass fiber cloth

Alkali-free glass fiber cloth is a kind of inorganic nonmetallic material with excellent performance, which is widely used in various fields of national economy as reinforcement material, electrical insulation material, thermal insulation material and circuit substrate in composite materials.

Special-shaped parts

According to customer requirements, we can process various kinds of difficult mica parts by punching, turning, drilling, grinding, milling and other methods according to the drawings and samples, such as mica punching parts, mica pads, mica pipes, flanges, etc. The products are widely used in household appliances, steel, metallurgy, petroleum, locomotive, military, shipbuilding and other industries and fields.

Electrothermal membrane

JR series mica electric heating film is an integral heating element made of high-temperature mica paper and alloy heating film with special pressing process. It has the characteristics of safety, environmental protection, portability, durability, high efficiency and energy saving. It is an alternative material for electric oil, electric heating wire, quartz tube, halogen tube, etc.

Mica paper

JR series mica paper is a continuous web paper produced by hydraulic stripping or chemical pulping with high-quality muscovite, phlogopite or synthetic mica as raw materials. Mica paper has excellent electrical performance, high temperature resistance, and good permeability. It can be impregnated and pressed into high-quality plate-type heat resistant insulating materials with epoxy resin, silicone resin, etc., and can also be impregnated and compounded with glass fiber cloth, film, ceramic fiber, etc. into high-quality ribbon heat resistant insulating materials with epoxy or silicone resin.

Mica plate

It is used for high temperature and high pressure heavy industrial electrical equipment as high-performance heat insulation and electrical insulation materials, and widely used as asbestos and other insulation material substitutes, and meets individual needs with different types. It is used for high temperature insulation of various industrial frequency furnaces, intermediate frequency furnaces, electric arc furnaces, etc. in steel, metallurgy and other industries.

Phlogopite belt mica tape

Excellent insulation performance at high temperature. JR-P phlogopite tape can ensure no breakdown for 3 hours under the temperature of 750-950 ℃ and voltage of 600V-1000V; International standards BS6387 and IEC60331 can be adopted. Good flame retardancy, no asbestos, no toxic gas under high temperature. Good flexibility and high tensile strength. The thinnest thickness of the product is 0.08mm, and the narrowest cutting width is 4.0mm.

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